FIFA World Cup History

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FIFA is the abbreviation for Federation Internationale de Football affiliation. It was established on 21st May 1904 in the back central command of the Union Francaise de games athletiques at the regret holy person Honore 229 in Paris.

The demonstration approving the establishment was endorsed by delegates of the accompanying Associations:

Spain-MFC Belgium-UBSSA France-USFSA Denmark-DBU Netherlands-NVB Sweden-SBF Switzerland-ASF

Uruguay was the most loved country for facilitating the main world Cup competition for FIFA, for different reasons including the way that they were the Gold Medal champs in Olympics in the years 1924& 1928.The first FIFA World Cup competition was hung on eighteenth July, 1930 at Estadio Centenario in Montevideo in Uruguay. Just groups from four European nations for example France, Belgium, Romania and Yugoslavia took part. The reasons attributed were diverse, including the financial emergency looked by Europe. วงการฟุตบอลวันนี้

Italian Soccer was picked as the setting country for facilitating the second FIFA World Cup. A passing round was held to choose the 16 finalists. This time too the host country lifted the cup. Interestingly the last match was sent on radio. The third FIFA World Cup was facilitated by the originator country of FIFA. Because of Austria not taking part in the competition Sweden was left without a rival in the opening round, Uruguay showed its dispute by not taking part and Argentina excessively had removed from the title, hence groups from Cuba and the Dutch East Indies were welcomed. This time the cup was lifted by Italy. The ensuing FIFA World Cup was dropped because of World War II, Finally they were facilitated in 1950 in Brazil and Switzerland was picked as the alternative for the year 1954.

The most recent 35 years have seen the situation with football upgraded to a main game universally. It has ventured into various parts of society, business and legislative issues. The game presently has exactly 200 million dynamic players. FIFA presently has nearly 208 part affiliations; this reality makes it one of the world’s greatest and most famous games leagues.

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