Real Football at the Ray Mac

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Salisbury City FC. Alright, hands up on the off chance that you’d heard at any point ever of them a few years prior. Relatively you few, other than those that live in the city. Truth be told, around three or 400 of local people appeared to have caught wind of the club. At any rate, that was the number of tried to go to watch them.

It’s all totally different at this point. Under the cautious and clever administration of Nick Holmes and Tommy Widdrington the club discovers itself, after two progressive advancements, in the unchartered region of the Blue Square Premier (the Conference to you and me.)

They’re not simply getting by in the major association, they are sitting serenely in mid table, and turning upward with some desire at the play-off places following a run of seven unbeaten games.

The club is on the ascent in tremendous style. Home groups normal more than 1500 now, and following the advancements and incredible FA Trophy runs and a FA Cup experience last year just finished by Nottingham Forest in a replay, the club is laying down a good foundation for itself on the footballing map.

The main group are accomplishing extraordinary things as a combination of low maintenance and full-time players. The youthful save side under the stewardship of John Robson and Salisbury legend Simon Browne, have a 100% record so far this season, and are guaranteeing that the future looks splendid.

The adolescent set up at the club is growing pleasantly under Neil Benson, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg and more players will be delivered from inside over the long haul. เว็บพนันออนไลน์

With all the fervor of the improvement of the club it is an extraordinary spot to be right now. The club is agreeable and congenial and the fans are so glad to be the place where they are that they are simply partaking in the ride.

With the expansion in swarms has come things like really policing and isolation. That is the one disgrace about moving away from the lower spans of the game. The cordial exchange between sets of genuine fans, is by all accounts lacking as you get higher in the football pyramid.

So what is so extraordinary with regards to watching a game at The Ray Mac? All things considered, first and foremost the norm of football is acceptable. Besides you can tolerate upping to watch. Thirdly it is just £10 to get in. Fourthly the players give without question, everything to the reason. There are no divas at this level. Fifthly, and finally, it is a delight to see a club appear suddenly and take steps to challenge the large young men.

Chief League football is energizing, yet it isn’t a numerous thing of us can identify with. It costs a fortune to watch, and you need to plunk down during the game. Watching Salisbury play at the Ray Mac returns me to my time as an adolescent watching Watford at Vicarage Road. It requires some investment when I fell head over heels for the game. It is genuine football.

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