How the Active Roster Affects Fantasy Football Draft Strategy

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When you are involved in a fantasy football draft, there are many different factors to consider when picking your team. While most people reference the big news network’s rankings of the best players and simply pick their players in that order, this list isn’t always perfect. A big influence that dictates your drafting strategy is the type of roster your league offers.

The top 200 lists offered by most draft ranking networks are based on a two running back and two wide receiver line-up, with a quarterback and a flex position that can be either a running back or a wide receiver. In these leagues, running backs are an incredibly valued commodity as the two running back options are the hardest positions to fill since most teams only have a single go-to running back.

However, when you alter the roster, adding a required wide receiver position, suddenly, the running backs aren’t as aggressively pursued. The wide receiver pool has a big drop off in consistent performers, meaning that when you have to fill three positions, you need to start digging deeper to find a first wide receiver on the depth chart. What’s more, each wide receiver drafted has the ability to fill a greater number of positions on your roster, increasing their value. พนันออนไลน์ ดีที่สุด

Finally, when you consider leagues that add a second quarterback to the active roster, things change even further. In the typical one quarterback system, you are able to safely pick a good quarterback, even if you let the top options go without consideration. However, when you need to field two quarterbacks, the depth at the position becomes strained and you can see a greater disparity in the active rosters. As such, the quarterbacks become a much higher priority for drafting.

Overall, paying attention to your roster set-up can make a huge difference when draft day comes around. Don’t be caught off guard, drafting for positions that don’t exist in your fantasy football league, and be able to adapt your rankings based upon the roster.

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