High School Football Officials – Pre-Game Discussions Are Vital!

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There are many things a high school football crew should do prior to each game and during each game.  On-field communication is one of the primary keys to looking sharp and becoming a really good crew.   You can review this information at crew meetings or even in the vehicle on the way to the game.

During your crew’s pre-game discussions


  • Talk about what signals will be used for 2 stakes (more than 10 yards for a first down)
  • Talk about what signals will be used for the nearest player to the sideline when that person is off the line
  • Know why this is important – illegal formations, illegible players, etc.
  • Talk about who counts defense and who counts offense
  • Talk about the clock stopping signal on 4th down
  • Talk about the snapper protection signal on 4th down
  • Know your penalty administration and use crisp penalty signals

Your crew should use consistent signals every time.  This makes your crew look like you are working together and effectively communicating. เว็บพนันบอล


Also during your pre-game discussions talk about play closure:


  • Talk about how the crew brings closure to plays
  • Talk about ‘continuing to officiate’ after a play has ended
  • Talk about never allowing plays get behind you
  • Never let players get behind you, especially when a play goes out of bounds – never allow the play to continue behind you
  • Talk about the back judge being the ‘sideline police’
  • The back judge needs to know that their responsibility hustle into the sideline to clean up the play and control any potential situations in team benches

Typically most crews will form a diamond or wedge formation with the referee and back judge bringing in the closure of the play in between the appropriate side line official and the umpire.



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