The Chicago Bears – The Most 100 Yard Rushing Games in NFL History

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Numerous incredible football crews throughout the entire existence of the National Football League have been based on the running match-up. Most mentors will disclose to you that the running match-up is a vastly improved thing than the passing game on the grounds that less can turn out badly. There are other profitable things about a running match-up as well, including the way that it gobbles up the clock, wears out a protection, and is for the most part more dependable.

The best running backs are frequently made a decision about dependent on the number of 100 yard games they have during a specific season or for their entire profession. What establishment has more 100 yard surging games than some other throughout the entire existence of the NFL? That honor has a place with one of the most well known groups in the association, the Chicago Bears. The Bears have consistently appeared to have, alongside an incredible protection, a way better than normal running match-up. This is thanks in huge part to some extraordinary Chicago Bears players that have been there throughout the long term like Matt Suhey, Willie Gallimore, Gale Sayers, Thomas Jones, Neal Anderson, Brad Muster, Matt Forte, and obviously the incomparable Walter Payton. คาสิโนแนะนำ

Here are the main ten establishments in NFL history as far as the number of 100 yard surging games they have had in their whole history (through the 2009 season).

1. Chicago Bears – 682

2. Pittsburgh Steelers – 670

3. St. Louis Rams – 644 (tie)

3. San Francisco 49ers – 644 (tie)

5. New York Giants – 629

6. Washington Redskins – 608

7. Green Bay Packers – 602 (tie)

7. Philadelphia Eagles – 602 (tie)

9. Detroit Lions – 585

10. Arizona Cardinals – 562

Since they are the most current group in the association, it should not shock football fans that the Houston Texans would rank toward the end in the whole NFL in this classification.

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