Fantasy Football Running Back Outlook

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With the pre-season not far off, it’s an ideal opportunity to investigate the running backs in dream football. I have assembled my main 10 running backs list for this season.

1. Arian Foster, RB, Houston Texans – It’s difficult to deny what this person did last prepare, he appeared suddenly to be the #1 dream running back. The Texan’s haven’t done a ton to improve the offense, however they redesigned the guard through the draft and free office so the offense ought to get the ball more this year. I don’t perceive any motivation behind why he shouldn’t be the number 1 dream back this season also.

2. Adrian Peterson, RB, Minnesota Vikings – With the appearance of QB Donovan McNabb and WR Michael Jenkins the Vikings ought to have the option to extend the field better compared to last year and make a portion of the safeguards move in an opposite direction from the line of scrimmage permitting Peterson to go out of control as he did several years prior. In any case, with the deficiency of beginning LT Bryant McKinnie the hostile line may have issues keeping protectors out of the backfield, fortunately Peterson can run them over. Expect a major year out of Adrian Peterson.

3. Jamal Charles, RB, Kansas City Chiefs – Last year individuals at last began to understand that Charles is one of the debut moves in this association. He split conveys with Thomas Jones and still got 1935 complete yards and 8 absolute scores. With the appearance of WR Steve Breaston and youngster WR Jonathan Baldwin, the Chiefs passing game will begin to acquire regard from protective facilitators and permit Charles to get out in space where he is generally risky. Add the pickup of Pro-Bowl FB, Le’Ron McClain as a lead blocker and you might be taking a gander at this years #1 dream running back. เเทงบอลเต็ง

4. Chris Johnson, RB, Tennessee Titans – The solitary explanation Chris Johnson falls this far on my board is last year’s fair season (for him) combined with the holdout for more cash. That far doesn’t seem as though the Tennessee Titans are too stressed over marking Johnson to a multi year super agreement like he requests. On the off chance that the holdout closes, I don’t see that incident until not long before the ordinary season begins. I think #4 is a protected spot to put him for the present on the off chance that he doesn’t get a type of work before the season begins. Still he will be a decent dream back when he signs an agreement.

5. Darren McFadden, RB, Oakland Raiders – This feels like this has been a long time in the making isn’t that right? McFadden is ready for a breakout season this year. The Raiders drafted a few linemen, gotten G Justin Smiley lastly disposed of Robert Gallery. They went out and got QB Trent Edwards to rival Jason Campbell for the beginning position. McFadden had a nice season last year, anticipate that he should have a surprisingly better season this year.

6. LeSean McCoy, RB, Philadelphia Eagles – With Mike Vick at quarterback, this offense is possibly the most adaptable in the association. Multi week they might be an air it out passing group, and the following week they are a ground and pound group. I think with the Ronnie Brown pickup, he will be in a circumstance like Jamal Charles with the Chiefs. He will not need to convey the offense on his back and he can come in and be a grand slam hitter.

7. Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Pittsburgh Steelers – When you take a gander at the slow time of year that the Steelers have had, they essentially kept up with a similar group they had last year. Last year Mendenhall was a decent back getting more than 1400 all out yards and 13 scores. This is a protected pick, I figure he must be better this season.

8. Maurice Jones-Drew, RB, Jacksonville Jaguars – Jones-Drew might have gone higher than #8 yet the Jaguars lost WR Mike Sims-Walker and G Justin Smiley so the safeguard will expect run more often than not. The possibly redeeming quality could be if the Jaguars sign free specialist WR Terrell Owens like certain individuals have said. Try not to misunderstand me he will be an extraordinary dream back in any case.

9. Beam Rice, RB, Baltimore Ravens – Last season was a baffling one for dream proprietors of Ray Rice. He was anticipated to be a main 5 in general dream pick and he wound up not in any event, being a best 10 dream running back. I would say he has a superior season this year and he makes a strong dream starter, however don’t accept the publicity that dream masters are giving him… he is anything but a best 5 dream back.

10. Peyton Hillis, RB, Cleveland Browns – This years anger cover competitor is no question the focal point of the Browns offense. With QB Colt McCoy beginning, they will give Hillis the ball early and frequently. He had a decent season last year and this person is a cargo prepare so anticipate that he should be a strong dream back once more.

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