What Are the Different Defensive Positions on a Football Field

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A football guard has 3 degrees of protectors. The protectors nearest to the ball are the cautious line and are viewed as the principal level of safeguard. The second degree of safeguards is comprised of linebackers. The third level is the auxiliary who are additionally alluded to as guarded backs. Ordinarily the guarded line are the greatest folks on safeguard. The linebackers will be the sort of player who must be solid and quick and will be the best tacklers on cautious. The auxiliary will actually want folks should have the option to run quick and cover wide beneficiaries.

Guarded Line Positions

(NG) Nose monitor plays straightforwardly before the football

(DT) Defensive tackle-the two inside folks of the guarded line

(DE) Defensive end-the two guarded lineman on as far as it goes

Linebackers Positions

(MLB) Middle Linebacker เรื่องแปลกต่างประเทศ

(ILB) Inside Linebacker

(OLB) Outside Linebacker

(Sam) Strong side LB

(Mike) Another name for MLB

(Will) Weak side LB

Auxiliary Positions

(CB) Cornerback-line up on the line opposite the WR

(S) Safety-generally line up 10-12 yds off the ball in the field

(SS) Strong Safety.

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