How To Pick A Premier League Fantasy Football Team – Defenders

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Unnatural Assumptions

It is normal to accept that the principle way Defenders score focuses is with clean sheets, and that you should pick your guard on the capacity of that player’s group to keep clean sheets, after all that is a safeguards work right? This might be the sensible thing to accept however there is significantly more having an effect on everything than simply clean sheets.

The top scoring safeguard in the 2010/2011 game was Leighton Baines of Everton with 178 focuses. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you take a gander at how those focuses were separated it recounts a story you may not anticipate. Everton kept only 9 clean sheets in 38 games, just 50% of the association high of 18 accomplished by Man City, where the Manchester City Captain, Kompany, who played in a practically indistinguishable number of games to Baines scored just 95 focuses, Baines got 178 despite the fact that his side kept just a large portion of the quantity of clean sheets.

Baines’ 178 Points:

Clean Sheets: 34

Appearances: 70

Objectives: 25

Helps: 33

Reward: 20

Objectives surrendered derivation: – 4

From this you can see that that only 19% of Baines’ focuses were scored through accomplishing clean sheets, indeed a larger part was gotten from the way that he showed up in each game Everton played during the season and was a vital participant for them accomplishing 20 extra focuses and being one of the association’s most elevated assisters. Indeed for around £8m Baines accomplished a larger number of focuses than the association’s top scoring striker Berbatov who might have cost you around £9.2m.

You ought to apply a couple of severe principles when picking your guard and they ought to be focused on in a specific order:

1. Will he play in the principal group consistently

2. Will he get objectives or helps or both

3. Will his group keep no less than a normal number of clean sheets (at least 8)

4. Is he one of the main 3 central members in his groups’ beginning 11 ลำโพง Sony

On this premise, the most ideal decision for safeguards is quite often full backs, they assault with far more prominent recurrence and are hence significantly more prone to get objectives, helps and extra focuses which can have an immense effect between a high scoring protector and a low scoring one. Objective scoring Center Backs (the tallest that have a rack record of contributing with 4+ objectives a season) likewise come in to a similar classification, so players like Jamie Carragher and Rio Fredinand ought to be kept away from.

Worth is King

The most basic driving element for picking any player is esteem (not to be mistaken for cost as extravagant players can offer helpless benefit and low evaluated players extremely high worth), since you will not just have the option to pick the best, most costly players in the association the best method to pick a triumphant group is to discover the players that cost pretty much nothing yet will score generally high quantities of focuses, and there are a lot of them in the association. They convey more danger yet discovering them is normally the distinction between progressing nicely or seriously and a measuring stick for this is “pints score per million pound of spend”.

Presently Kompany would have gotten you roughly 16 focuses for each million you spent on him, while Baines on a similar hand would have 23, depend on it, this is a gigantic hole with regards to esteem.

Presently assuming you contrast this with any striker, pound for pound Baines would have been one of the most amazing worth players in the game and an unquestionable requirement for your group despite the fact that he is quite possibly the most costly protectors in the game, however he is an exemption in the association since he meets every one of the measures set above in some wealth, he is the specific model of what you ought to be searching for in a dream football association safeguard.

Lets investigate the focuses per million worth of some chose protectors in the association and their spotless sheets:

Kompany – 16 Points/Million – 18 Clean Sheets (Man City)

Vidic – 20 Points/Million – 15 Clean Sheets (Man United

Baines – 22 Points/Million – 9 Clean Sheets (Everton)

Hangeland – 24 Points/Million – 13 Clean Sheets (Fulham)

Shawcross – 20 Points/Million – 9 Clean Sheets (Stoke)

El Mohammady – 24 Points/Million – 9 Clean Sheets (Sunderland)

While the rundown of most elevated scoring safeguards are brimming with players who are firm beginning 11 individuals in the huge 4 crews recall this isn’t generally as altogether controlled by the number clean sheets they keep and doesn’t generally offer the best benefit, there are a ton of different variables that partition those that merit having and those that are not, and the best worth will frequently be found by detecting those that:

1. Have a strong beginning 11 spot and are a critical colleague

2. Will score 3+ objectives or get 5+ helps

3. Will get a normal number of clean sheets or better (8+)

Top Tip

With regards to esteem it’s far superior to choose a player who will keep a normal number of clean sheets yet who is a central member for an un-liked, mid-table side each week and contributes with objectives or helps, as opposed to pick one who will simply keep a major number of clean sheets in light of the fact that plays for a top group.

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