Which Plays Did and Didn’t Work at the Pop Warner and AYF National Championships?

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Youth Football Plays-Which Work and Don’t Work Against Quality Teams

Something I found fascinating while at the same time watching more than 60 distinctive youth football crews play at the Pop Warner and AYF National Championships was noticing patterns. Something that was exceptionally obvious from the get-go and was steady in these competitions were the kind of football plays that didn’t work. Since each group that arrived was the domineering jerk of their own association and came into the competition with 14-0 or 13-1 records, each group had a couple of children that could play. However, since each group had a couple of competitors and the vast majority of the groups were trained really well, there were nobody man armed force groups overwhelming games. Indeed a considerable lot of the plays you see run in your nearby groups didn’t work here by any stretch of the imagination.

The Sweep Was a Non Factor

You didn’t see groups scoring with the scope. Indeed in the 20 or more full games I watched, I saw only 4 breadths go for scores. Not exactly 50% of the scopes I saw went for more than 2-3 yards. In numerous games I saw groups run only 2-3 scopes for the whole game. The greater part of the profound external opposite plays I saw went for negative yardage. Mentors need to recollect that a large portion of the groups playing in this competition didn’t get this far by having players work out of position or wayward. Indeed, even the greater part of the contrabands I saw were negative yardage plays at this level. One important play came in the Pop Warner Midget game on Tuesday where Port St Lucie Florida was playing West Haven Connecticut. West Haven was an awesome Wing T group, who like most great Wing T groups has a pleasant contraband “Waggle Pass” as a feature of their offense. The first run through West Haven took a stab at running it against Port St Lucie, สมัครแทงบอล the Pirates had 3 safeguards all over him and they lost 7 yards, their Defensive End wasn’t tricked briefly by the phony and he had the speed to run down the Quarterback too. From the film I saw on West Haven, this had been a major play for them throughout the season.


I was exceptionally disillusioned that I didn’t see a lot of alternative football down here by any stretch of the imagination. Being a deep rooted Nebraska fellow, we love seeing the alternative run out of an offense. You would have thought one about the 60 or more groups I watched would be in choice group. I get it has returned to watching Navy and Georgia Tech on TV. I didn’t see a solitary group run genuine triple choice and saw simply a small bunch of groups running “twofold” or called choice. Indeed, even the Wishbone groups in this competition were power Wishbone groups, with practically zero alternative game. The Spread groups here ran a modest bunch of speed choice plays and some zone read alternative, yet for the vast majority of them the zone read was not a perused, it was a called play. You could tell dependent on the impeding plan, most were getting an additional blocker at the mark of assault toward whoever the foreordained sprinter would have been.

Then again, in each game I saw, the groups that won had the option to set up the off-tackle run. It didn’t make any difference on the off chance that it was an I Formation, Spread, Double Wing, Wishbone or Single Wing group, every one of the triumphant groups had the option to run the ball off-tackle. The vast majority of these equivalent groups had some accomplishment with some sort of inside counter play too, not an opposite, a tight, fast hitting counter play with some confusion.

Passing Game

In more than 85% of the games I watched, the triumphant group had a genuine passing danger. I’m not looking at going Air Raid and tossing the ball 80% of the time, I’m looking at having a 35% in addition to possibility of a pass play going for 20 yards or more on any endeavor. While this may not be the most productive approach to move the ball, the genuine danger of the pass was essential to the general accomplishment of larger part of groups playing at this level. In later posts I will separate a portion of the passing numbers-you might be amazed by those.

None of this shocked me by any means. Most great youth football trainers won’t permit themselves to get beat by compasses, switches or contrabands. Most groups won’t permit themselves to be beat by a one man group or by a young football crew with no genuine passing danger by the same token. In the huge competitions there may likewise be various monster players, yet none of them rule. Great football was in wealth.

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