Cheap All Inclusive Holidays in

Cheap All Inclusive Holidays in

admin January 14, 2021

Cheap All Inclusive Holidays in


India is one of the most diverse and unique countries in the world and is visited by millions of people each year. Many are attracted to the diversity of cultures, languages, its spirituality cheap all inclusive holidays 2021 and also because of its amazing history. Affordable holidays to India can take you to places like Agra, New Delhi or Fatehpur Sikri. When visiting India, one is immediately reminded of imperial times, of harems and sacred dances. Accommodation is very affordable and tourists enjoy ordering local dishes, such as korma or biryani.

It may amaze you but one can travel to India and spend a few days in a paradise of aqua sports. Aqua sports like surfing a scuba diving are some of the main activities in the crystal clear waters of the Andaman Islands. Further out in the Bay of Bengal fishing has also become a hot spot for tourist.

And as spring is coming closer, you should not hesitate to visit Barsana and take part in the Holi festival. For a few days, the northern part of India celebrates The Festival of Colors and ending of the spring. Its something truly unique, with various colored powders being thrown on the streets and people cheering from all corners. Its exhilarating to be in Barsana during the festival and its impossible not to be drawn into the celebration. Just stay away from the men offering drinks, as these often contain cannabis leaves and can cause powerful hallucinations.

You can also visit New Delhi and discover the impressive buildings. Dont forget to visit the Presidents palace, the wonderful museums and the historic sites. New Delhi is home to of one of the biggest mosques in all of India and is also the birthplace of Krishna. Purchase a few souvenirs from local craftsmen and visit the tomb of the famous Humayun. Consider yourself lucky for having chosen India as your holiday destination. They have affordable prices and amazing things to offer, starting with the buildings, the historic sites and even the delicious cuisine.

Other places to consider for cheap holidays to India are: the Kanha National Park (tigers, porcupines, antelopes and mongooses are just few of the animals you get to see), Kerala (situated on the southwest coast of India, you can travel in a rice boat and discover a unique wildlife sanctuary) and Rajasthan (must visit Jantar Mantar, one of the observatories built a long time ago, the many palaces and forts). You can visit the lake-side city of Udaipur, eat out in restaurants and purchase traditional Jaipur jewelry. With such destinations, its no wonder that so many people are looking for cheap holidays to India. Go online and book yourself a holiday today at one of the destinations mentioned here. You can also check out other locations and see what they’ve got to offer!



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